Real Price Per HeadRealPPH has developed private tables for your players to play Texas Holdem, Sit-and-go, Multi-table and Single-table tournaments from their computers without downloading or installing anything. The poker and poker report application is totally integrated to the sports management software so that you can control all poker credit limits and at the same time watch their tables' balances, all without affecting their sportsbook and casino figures because we have built it separately.

Do you already have a Poker provider but pay too much in fees? Are you having issues finding a provider who will offer you private rooms or customized rake fees? Can you not find a shop that allows all your clients' information to be available only to you?...Look no further. Real Price per Head has addressed all these issues and has launched their own Private tables and credit-only Poker rooms. Available 24/7 with full customer support, you have the option of offering 9, 6, or 2 chair tables with all other options fully customizable by you.

Jump on board the next online money maker for all agents. PPH Poker is a new concept that only Real Price per Head brings to all their Agents. The question is… how does an Agent make money?

How the agent makes money in our pay per head poker is through the rake. The rake is what the Agent charges the winning players pot as commission. If your rake is set at 3%, 5% or 10% or max $3.00, $5.00 or $10.00, then on every hand a percentage is removed from the pot. When you collect the losses from a player and pay the winner the winnings, the difference will be your commission. We charge a house commission of 30%, leaving our pph poker agent with a net win of 70%! This is payable to us on a weekly basis. Now picture yourself with a few tables of 6 people and the amount of commission you can make in an hour. All poker credit limits and rakes can be fully customized by you from your sports management screen or by giving us a call.

PPH Poker Table

Poker Table

PPH Poker Lobby

Poker Lobby

PPH Poker PLayer Reports

Poker Player Reports

Top PPH Software

  • Internal Messaging System (players, agents & PPH call center)
  • 24/7 non-stop Call Center (Sports & Poker)
  • Secure payment methods (money orders)
  • Lottery, Squares, Pools & ParlayCards
  • Secure and User Friendly PPH Sportsbook
  • Bet Ticker
  • American / European odds
  • PPH Highlights

    Track the current monetary exposure on each game by side, totals, money lines and propositions along with a detailed description of the status of each line for each game.
    Agent Lines Control
    With RPPH you can take control of all sides, totals, money lines & juice.
    PPH Agent Screenshots
    Nobody else will give as much as info about your business than us.
    PPH Player Screenshots
    We count the clicks a player need to place a bet. We are the fastest one.
    Free Customized Websites
    Build your own sportsbook brand and website at no cost.
    Horse Betting
    Horse racing betting and thoroughbred racing bets for all major horse races.
    Live Dealers for PPH Agents
    LIVE Baccarat, Roulette or BlackJack with Costa Rican girls over camera.
    Best PPH Lines
    "Real Price per Head" will always display the sharpest lines to your players.
    Poker for Credit Agents
    Private tables, credit only Poker rooms available with full customer support
    Customized Lines Profiles
    Customizable sportsbook software for any kind of sports betting event.
    Top Privacy for our Agents
    We coded an Internal Messaging System, Dont use third party emails anymore.
    Other Price per Head´s
    From the regular "Price per Head" deal to a more complex PPH solutions.
    Why us?
    Read why you should open an account with one of top "Price per Head" providers.