All demo sites are fully featured except for the sportsbook demo site. Our sportsbook application includes many features such as MOVE ON MONEY, LINES OPENING SCHEDULE, LINES CONTROL, SUBAGENT RED FIGURE, PARLAY CARDS, OFFICE POOLS, and CALCUTTAS that are not included in the demo version.


     provides the most useful set of tools that allow the agent to be on true control of his business.
With our services you will be able to Manage your Clients, Betting Lines, Exposure per game, Weekly Figures, Bet Limits and Restrictions, keep a clean record of all transactions made, and full access to insightful statistics.

Our proprietary Agent Dashboard has been customized throughout the years to cover all agents' needs and requirements.

With over 35 "price per head" agent reports including agent lines control, agents from Real PPH can see their businesses from any perspective, whether they just want to log in and see their figures or want more complex reports like red figures for their subagents, player handles, poker conciliations, lines control, Ip addresses and much more. Everything can be done from your own PC or mobile device and without giving us a call.

While most PPH operations claim they are open 24/7, most just leave the lines open and close down after the last half time. At RPPH we are fully staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including linesman, so that you will never miss a bet or a line move.

Our lines are posted shortly after they are posted on Don Best (most sports). If for any reason you want the lines posted later or you don't want to offer a particular line or sport to your players, just let us know and we will immediately remove it from your betting options.

Bet Types:

We offer any bet type that you request from straight bets to action reverses to any type of teaser or parlay configuration and payout. You name it and we will create it. Not sure if our service is the best? Give us a call and set up a callback appointment with the owner of RPPH. He'll be more than happy to walk you through all the details.


Add Player
Add SubAgent
Current Lines
All Players
Cancel Bet
Insert Bets
Lines Control (*restrictions)
Manage Overall Bet Limits
Manage Player
Manage Player Bet Limits
Manage SubAgent
Player Adjustment
Player Adjustment History
Player Handle
Player Payment (Settle)
Player Payment History
Player Session History
Players Last Session
Transactions by Player
SubAgent Activity


Weekly Figures
Sportsbook Figures
Horses Figures
Casino Figures

Weekly Overall Figures
SubAgents Figures by Date


Game Exposure
Game Exposure (Teasers Only)
Race Exposure

Game Line Exposure

Graded Bets

Pending Bets

Cancelled Bets

Profit by Game/Race

Profit by Player

Profit by Bet Type

Profit by Sport

Profit by Player/Bet Type/Sport

Graded Free Plays

Pending Free Plays

Graded Inserted Bets

Pending Inserted Bets


Agent Main Board


All Players
Manage Poker Player
Poker Control
Player Payment (Settle)
Player Payment History
Tournament Inscriptions
Tournament Royalties
Tournaments by Date
Poker Figures
Rake by Date


Weekly Invoice
Weekly Player Activity
Weekly Sub Agent Red Figures


Pending Squares
Graded Squares


Graded Bets
Pending Bets


Graded Bets
Pending Bets


Graded Lottery
Pending Lottery


Main Board

Real PPH is a customer service company and our sole objective is to make your business as profitable as possible. We also do not write any business on our behalf so you can be rest assured that your lines will be the sharpest and your clients will always remain your clients.

Our Price per Head for Credit Agents offers complete gaming software, detailed Agent reports and player management lobby, 24/7 customer support and the latest innovations in computer networking to provide your clients with the best gaming experience.

Real PPH has never been this fast and easy. Sign-up at any time and receive personalized attention to start experiencing the best all in one solution that many professional bookmakers already trust.

Agent Support

Direct phone access

The success of your operation is our number one priority. This is the reason why you will be given a 24/7 direct phone line to our lines specialist, supervisors and our manager.

Top PPH Software

  • American / European odds
  • Customized Line Profiles (all sports)
  • FREE Websites
  • Secure & Discrete Environment
  • Huge Amount of Sports Offerings & Reports
  • Private Poker Rooms
  • Live PPH Dealers
  • PPH Highlights

    Hire our PPH Bookie sports call center to experience real reliability, quality and safety pay per head solutions.
    Agent Lines Control
    With RPPH you can take control of all sides, totals, money lines & juice.
    PPH Agent Screenshots
    Nobody else will give as much as info about your business than us.
    PPH Player Screenshots
    We count the clicks a player need to place a bet. We are the fastest one.
    Free Customized Websites
    Build your own sportsbook brand and website at no cost.
    Horse Betting
    Horse racing betting and thoroughbred racing bets for all major horse races.
    Live Dealers for PPH Agents
    LIVE Baccarat, Roulette or BlackJack with Costa Rican girls over camera.
    Best PPH Lines
    "Real Price per Head" will always display the sharpest lines to your players.
    Poker for Credit Agents
    Private tables, credit only Poker rooms available with full customer support
    Customized Lines Profiles
    Customizable sportsbook software for any kind of sports betting event.
    Top Privacy for our Agents
    We coded an Internal Messaging System, Dont use third party emails anymore.
    Other Price per Head´s
    From the regular "Price per Head" deal to a more complex PPH solutions.
    Why us?
    Read why you should open an account with one of top "Price per Head" providers.